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Como Engineers has vast experience in scoping, pre-feasibility, bankable and definitive feasibility studies. Because of our strong knowledge across many metals and minerals, our 30 years of Resource Industry experience and the diverse technical background of our engineers, metallurgists and geologist, studies are the backbone of our business.

Como Engineers philosophy of “fit for purpose” means we can provide our clients with practical cost effective solutions to their project timing, budget and market needs.

Whether it is designing, constructing or Project Management for a brand new processing plant, complete greenfields operation or finding, refurbishing and integrating second hand equipment into existing operations, our team of experienced engineers, metallurgist and draftspeople work together to complete the task at hand.

Whether it is the recent maintenance improvement project work at the Granny Smith Gold Mine for Barrick Australia or the $5M upgrade of the Cracow Gold Mine in Central Queensland for Newcrest Mining, Como Engineers has the experience, knowledge and expertise to work to our client’s operational requirements and budgets.

For over 30 years Como Engineers have successfully upgraded, relocated and refurbished plants to ensure cost efficient plants are operating in the minimal time possible.

Como Engineers has become well known in the industry as world leaders in providing fit for purpose modular gold stripping plants.

These plants are built in Como Engineers North Fremantle factory, and are fully commissioned before being delivered to site.

Conceptual, Scoping, Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design & Construction

Relocations, Refurbishments & Upgrades

Modular Plants & Equipment

Conceptual, Scoping, Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies

  • Conceptual/Scoping Studies

    We aim to provide initial financial visibility to a project’s process plant flowsheet, capital and operating costs with minimal metallurgical testwork or expenditure. Work is normally carried out to a financial accuracy of between +/ 50 to 30%.

  • Pre-Feasibility Studies

    We aim to improve process confidence and examine options through increased metallurgical testwork, flowsheet viabilities and increased accuracy of capital and operating project costs. Work is normally carried out to a financial accuracy of between +/30 to 25%.

  • Feasibility / Definitive / Bankable Studies

    We aim to finalise the process flowsheet, complete metallurgical testwork, examine the variability of the ore sources in relation to the chosen flowsheet, complete the design for plant & infrastructure all at increased project accuracy. Work is normally carried out to a financial accuracy of between +/ 15 to 10%.

  • Engineering Studies

    Following the feasibility study phase of a project, Como Engineers will carry out a detailed engineering phase allowing the design of an operation to be completed to a level of knowledge and accuracy that allows clients to confidently tender on the completion of all further construction work.  Full tender packages are produced to allow fixed price and schedule submissions to be received by the client. Work is normally carried out to a financial accuracy of between +/ 10 to 5%.

  • Efficiency Studies

    We examine existing operations with the aim of identifying both bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the process and recommend changes that will improve recoveries, reduce wastage, reduce operating costs and increase thoroughput.

Engineering Design and

Como self-perform on all engineering design and construction projects.

Como Engineers has always maintained its own team of highly skilled and efficient engineers across all disciplines right through to Construction Management.  This allows Como to self-perform on all engineering design and construction projects, giving the client access to a considerable database of knowledge and projects built up over the life of the company. Como continually updates its data bases to improve design efficiency for all clients.

Relocations, Refurbishments
and Upgrades

  • Relocations

    Como Engineers specialise in identifying equipment and plants suitable for relocation to alternate client sites. Closure plans, scrapping and rehabilitation can be offered for all remaining redundant facilities.

  • Upgrades

    Incremental upgrades or expansions in existing operations is often the fastest and cheapest way of improving the economic viability of an operation. Como Engineers will carry out metallurgical testwork and design to confirm the outcome of any proposed expansion or upgrade.  All engineering design and construction is carried out with our own in-house team.

  • Refurbishments

    Como Engineers also specialise in bringing existing and relocated operations back into production in the most cost effective way for clients.  The feasibility of refurbishment versus replacement is carried out prior to the commencement of work. Scope, price and standard of outcome is also agreed upon allowing our clients to produce cash in the shortest practical time.

Modular Plants
and Equipment

Como Engineers have worked tirelessly to perfect the modular design of operating plant and equipment.

Modular design can allow clients to minimise on-site disruptions to a site though the use of pre-built and pre-commissioned sections of plant.  Construction and commissioning times are reduced to a minimum for the client which significantly reduces costs and allows the fastest path to positive operational cashflow.  Any issues of remote or troublesome geo-political locations is minimised by reducing the need for large construction crews on site for considerable periods of time.

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